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Key Business Printing Trends to Follow in 2021

Whether you are soaking up the last month of 2020 or ready to ring in the new year, we are here to share the latest and greatest trends to look forward to in 2021. This past year has brought a great deal of uncertainty. For many business owners, online retailing and advertising have become the new norm. It’s a trend that likely will last through the new year. Customers and businesses have had to adapt to the changes quickly. Our goal for 2021 is to become a resource for you, to share new marketing ideas, and to assist in creating assets that are profitable for your business.

When countless businesses are all using the same methods to reach customers, it becomes overwhelming and irrelevant to see online advertisements over and over. For many customers, they have become numb to seeing targeted messaging, especially during the holidays. How can your business stand out? The short answer: Determine what your customers are wanting to see. Surprise them with something they don’t expect. Give them something to respond to.

We have over 100 years of print experience, and we don’t take that lightly. Our experience has shaped how we do business and how we invest in quality. We want to help your business create assets that will ‘wow’ your customers and we have the creative team to make it happen.

Let’s dive into the latest trends that we’re seeing and talk about how your business can implement these trends in your upcoming print projects. While we share these trends, we want to also say that if these trends do not match the look and feel of your brand, it’s better to stay true to your company than to fit in with new styles.

Business Printing Trends

Nature in design and print

Nature is a trend that has been popular for a while now and is gaining real traction in marketing materials. Why? Because nature represents organic, fresh, clean, and new. We are seeing marketing materials with lush, green designs, because customers are really responding to the look and idea of organic products.
The utilization of nature doesn’t necessarily mean green or leaves, but instead the idea of clean designs and simplicity. Customers respond better to print materials that follow the rule “Less is more.”

Bold oversized text and messaging

To go along with the idea above about less being more, we believe that when you do say something, let it be bold. The ‘wow’ factor can be found not only in design but also in your copy. This is especially true for mailers and postcards. If your marketing material is bold and visible, your customers will notice it and be intrigued to pick it up.

Fine art in design

The days of cheap looking designs are far behind us. With so many programs offering templated art and advertisements, there are no more excuses to produce cluttered, clip art graphics. Customers are shown marketing materials for most of their day – on their phones, computers, while driving, at the store, etc. It is apparent when businesses spend time and resources on creating marketing materials with intention.
We are seeing more and more businesses invest in professional graphic designers to create fine art designs for their marketing assets. This simple idea shows your customers that you value their time and only want to show them the best. Fine art designs would work great for magazine covers, book covers, and ticket/brochure designs.

Gradient color in text and backgrounds

Gradient in design can offer a beautiful statement to your marketing materials. Keep this minimal and it will have a bigger impact on your design. You can try this trend on business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, or booklet covers.

Muted color palettes

Another trend that has been around for a while now is the use of muted colors in marketing materials. Loud colors are less calming and may sometimes feel abrasive for customers. The neutral, muted colors are more approachable and easier to digest for customers. They also have a more expensive look to them.
Note: If your logo and brand have more primary colors, you can use neutral colors (white, black, gray, tan) to create a more expensive look and feel to your product.

Sustainability in packaging

Without being able to conduct much business in-person this year, we have all become acutely aware of the shipping waste being created. Customers are unboxing items more than they ever have been, and it’s become apparent which companies value sustainability and which don’t.
Sustainable packaging that could either be reused or recycled is a wonderful way to invest in your customer’s experience with your business. We can chat with you about what type of designs would work with your product and how we can all do our parts in creating a more eco-friendly footprint.

Custom Business Printing Solutions

We are based in Phoenix, Arizona and have a large warehouse to create any marketing material your business needs. We are happy to print, pack, and deliver your products straight to your customer or your door. We also offer custom business print solutions, such as book binding, speciality print finishes, quick online ordering, and large format printing.

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