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Tickets, Booklet and Brochure Printing–Oh My! All-in-one Printing for Entertainment Companies

As a child, your first show, whether movie, concert, or play, is a very memorable experience. The ambiance, the smells, the stage. All of those emotions of being young and experiencing something new. You grab an overpriced snack at the concession stand. Hang on to your ticket or playbill. You head to your seat and get ready to be enchanted. At the end of the event, you hang on to the ticket or playbill as a keepsake and are taken back to that day each time you look at it.

In the entertainment industry, you have the opportunity to create lifelong memories with performances and experiences. At each step of your customer’s journey, you want their experience to feel positive from the moment they arrive to the time they leave. Why? Because that is how you get returning customers. When a customer has a remarkable experience, they are more likely to share that experience with their friends and family. Word-of-mouth is one of the best, most trusted ways of marketing.

Our role in your marketing strategy is to be your all-in-one commercial printer to ensure your print needs exceed not only your expectations but your customer’s. So, when your customer looks down at their booklet of the play or their ticket for the concert, they will know you put effort into each and every detail of their experience.

At O’Neil Printing, we specialize in booklet and brochure printing, offering specialty customizations. We can make your print items as creative as your show. To learn more about our process and get in touch with a project manager, you can contact us here!

Entertainment Print Services

Ticket Printing
Whether you need 100 or 10,000 tickets, O’Neil Printing has the capabilities to meet your needs. We can print loose tickets for you to give to your guests, which we can package for you in quantities that work best for your business. We also have the ability to number the tickets for you to keep track of attendance.

As far as design goes, we offer different print finishes, such as embossing, gold foil printing, die cut designs, and rounded corners. We use Pantone Color Matching for companies with specific colors in mind to ensure there is no variation in brand colors. We want to create tickets that will be preserved by your customers, so we use only the best materials to create high-quality tickets for your show.

The ideal ticket size ranges, but we have seen many tickets be around 2” x 6”. This depends on how much you want to include on your ticket, information such as sponsors, ads, or seating location.

Booklet Printing
The program, playbill, booklet (however you refer to it) is the general outline and background of the performance. They introduce your show before anyone even steps on stage. Oftentimes, they are given at the door, and guests browse them while they wait for the performance to begin.

With so many eyes and hands on the booklets, it’s important to invest in the quality of them. Each piece must be consistent in print quality, color, and material. Other considerations include type of stitching, cover material, inside page material, size, and quantities.

We see entertainment booklets ranging in sizes as well. The most common size being 5.5″ x 8.5″. In order to count how many pages you need, start your count with the cover, behind it, each page side-by-side, and the back cover. Even if a page is blank, it counts in the final number. Some people mistakenly count only the amount of sheets inside the booklet, but that could lead to an inaccurate quote for your booklet.

Brochure Printing
For print materials with less content, a brochure is helpful for sharing brief information to customers. Brochures use each side for content and can be folded in several different ways. Some folds include the most common tri-fold, french fold, bi-fold, z-fold, accordion fold, gate fold, and double gate fold. The most common size we see for brochure printing is 3.7” x 8” folded or 8.5” x 11” laid flat. We use high-quality glossy or matte paper to create your brochures. To learn more about brochure printing, get in touch with one of experienced project managers!


Our Print Promise

When you choose to work with O’Neil Printing, you are choosing to invest in a company with more than 100 years of print experience. We have seen the evolution of the entertainment industry. The start of it being all paper goods, and the use of online ticketing, and now the balance between the two.

We believe creating an experience for your guests is to provide them with the convenience of online ordering, while also giving them the traditional experience of programs and specialty tickets. When you give your customers an experience that exceeds their expectations, they are more likely to return and tell their friends about the experience as well.

Working with us is simple. First, you begin by getting in touch with one of our project managers to create the project scope. Once you have decided the quantity and type of project, we show you some samples of our past work! We can show you different material types and print finishes to give you inspiration for your designs. From there, you can either work with your own designer or one of ours to create a design that will impress your guests. Once designs have been sent to us, we print, package, and ship your materials right to your office.

We hope this blog is an insight for you when it comes to ordering your print materials for your entertainment business! To learn more about how we serve you, click here: https://oneilprint.com/industries/entertainment/

I want to thank you for the partnership and being such a great vendor to Lantern Press – our team spoke so highly of you, your staff, response time, and service. It’s times like this that I say, aha! This is why John and I met months ago and I’m thankful to see our companies cooperating together.

Lantern Press

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As a graphic designer, I have been using O’Neil’s print services for many years and keep coming back because of quality and consistency. Customer service is excellent and I always get quick responses to all my questions.

Becky Ankeny Design

Becky Ankeny Design

I’ve been dealing with printers for a long time. Very rarely do they come close to the consistent level of care that we encounter every time working with O’Neil.”

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O’Neil is unmatched when it comes to customer service and quality.

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We’ve been very pleased with all of our projects at O’Neil. The staff is always professional, extremely courteous and personable, and shows a true interest in providing high quality printing.

Carrisa Kienzle, Global Training Network

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From simple flyers to our flagship magazine, the work has always been accurate, timely and of top quality – but the real difference for me has been the service O’Neil provides.

Ryan Westerman, Westerman Consulting

I’ve always been impressed with O’Neil’s professionalism and communication. From high-end brochures to time-sensitive, variable direct mail, they’ve always come through for me.

Perry Wilson, Fabcom Integrated Strategic Marketing

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Everyone at O’Neil is invested in creating a final product we can all be proud of. We highly recommend them.

Don Newlen, Fervor Creative

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We don’t consider O’Neil just vendors. We view them as an extension of our shop.

Fred Cisneros, Owner/Creative Director, Cisneros Design, Inc.

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I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the service I got working with O’Neil. They were completely transparent and helpful throughout the entire printing process, and explained any nuances or questions that came up.

Adrian Mendez, Designer

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We needed a printer who could assure a high-quality product and provide solutions to our questions when we wanted to try new printing methods. O’Neil does just that and more. They have become a trusted partner in our business.

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