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Why Wide Format Installation Matters

Before we dive into WHY wide format installation matters, we first want to cover what exactly is wide format printing. We’ve written a couple of blog posts regarding the topic, since it’s one of our specialities. We could go on and on about wide format printing, but we won’t bore you though!

Commercial Printer Wide Format Large Format Installation

What is Wide Format Print (or Large Format Print)? Wide format printing, also called large format, is used to create big pieces of printed material such as signs and banners. In technical terms, any printed material between 18” and 100” is considered wide format.

For a more in-depth look at Wide Format Printing, read our post here.

At O’Neil, we pride ourselves in the final product, and that requires a little more attention to detail. We have extensive experience in custom printing, fabrication, and installation, with the ability to print direct using our flatbed UV printer, and virtually any roll-to-roll media on our latex and solvent printers.

Can we do install it ourselves? We get asked this question from time to time, but we highly recommend leaving the installation of your large format pieces to us. Our team includes wide format installers that do this on a regular basis. They work with different wall textures and print materials, so they are prepared for all install situations.

Commercial Printer Wide Format Large Format Installation

Here are a couple factors why we recommend having our team install your large format pieces:

1. Accuracy

You wouldn’t want to spend hundreds or thousands on a wall decal, only to have it be placed crooked. Our team knows how to measure and align the pieces in order to have them where you want them. We tape the graphics on to see where we want the piece to go and how it is supposed to look. There is not a lot of room for error when it comes to wall decals, so we measure, re-measure, confirm, and then place.

2. Tools / Equipment

In addition to having the proper staff for the install, we also come with the correct tools to get the job done. Our process begins by cleaning the surface to ensure full adhesion to the wall / window / vehicle. As we adhere the piece to the wall, we use special tools to avoid any air pockets that may form as you lay it. This process is crucial, because air pockets leave the wall decal looking unprofessional and bubbled. Some adhesions require a heating process to allow the piece to stay. Our team will bring all necessary tools in order to get your piece looking clean and perfect.

3. Lifespan

The biggest reason to have us install your wide format piece is to extend the lifespan as long as it will go. We treat each piece with care and do our best to avoid any wrinkling and dirt. We clean up any glue or excess material from the finished wall / window / vehicle to keep lines clean and adhered.

For more information regarding our large format printing process, contact us here. We would love to be your commercial printer for your next big project!


Commercial Printer Wide Format Large Format Installation

Hero image taken by the United Food Bank. Thank you for all you do for our community.

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Becky Ankeny Design

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