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Heard Museum

Five different designs of student note cards


The multi-day event was detailed through the pocket agenda and the wire bound book.

Science Care

Pocket Folder for documents, flyers, and brochures.

Journey Medical Corporation

Ala-Scalp brochures are used to explain how the lotion can help with Corticosteroid Responsive Dermatoses.

Colorado CARE Awards

Unique clear raised ink on the cover with beautifully designed content inside.

Erin Thorburn

Scaredy Cat is a story about a frightened cat who later realizes he had courage all along.


Drive-a-logue is a research-based strategy to encourage meaningful conversations with our students while driving in the car. Pick cards in numerical order—or choose random questions—from the deck for your student to answer. But watch out—a WILD card means the roles reverse and the adults must answer one or both questions!

Central Christian Church

Central Christian Church hands out a journal each 8 weeks to their visitors and members to help them keep track of their notes each sermon.